Happy New Year…

Well, we are back.

Today we started off with the usual ‘how was your break’ discussions and then moved to recapping what we had done so far.

In looking back through my previous posts, I seem to have missed mentioning an important assignment that I had given the participants. Assignment #6 is a feedback questionnaire; I graded them, so it is only fair if they grade me and the program. I asked the students to respond to six questions openly and honestly that focused on what they like, dislike, suggest for improvement to the program as well as how they can learn better.

This assignment provided a lot of insight into how the participants are doing, not always in their actual responses, but in how they answered and they effort they put in. I found much of the feedback useful; I need to be more overt in my directions and add more visuals to support them.

In reflection, we spent way too much time on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Some of the class was not putting in enough effort and it dragged on; I need to keep moving forward more steadily.

Today we moved on to finding and comparing different lists of criteria for Wonders of the World. The focus needed to be on big ideas and themes that we could use to make our own list of criteria for the Seven Wonders of Prince George. This is our next big step.

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